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Derila Pillows is a scam!  Do not order from this company!  This is how their scam works: They make you input your payment information on the first page, then they run through page after page after page trying to get you to upgrade your order to additional pillows, pillow covers, and even a maintenance agreement for PILLOWS.  Even if you check NO to everything, you eventually get a page saying that you have purchased 4 pillows and your account has already been charged $137.  Then if you call the company immediately to cancel the order they say they are going to cancel the order, but then ship it anyway, and claim they can not stop it from being shipped.  They even added a RECURRING charge for PILLOW MAINTENANCE to my PayPal account, without informing me.  I only found that out when I contacted PayPal to dispute the fraud and was informed by PayPal that there was a recurring fee added to my PayPal account for PILLOW maintenance.  Then when you tell them that you are going to refuse delivery they threaten you with restocking and canceled order fees.  They say you can return the items for a refund minus their exorbitant restocking fees, but you have to return the package to Lithuania.  If you don't believe me, then Google "Derila Pillow Scam" and look at all the links and Reddit threads from the hundreds of other people they have ripped off.  They are theives and scammers and DO NOT ORDER from them are you will be swindled like I was.